Conclusion of General Assembly Meeting

CTP Deputy Teberrüken Uluçay gave an updated speech on “Bazaar, Economy and Politics” during the General Assembly meeting of the Assembly of the Republic in North Cyprus. He pointed out the importance of preserving purchasing power and stated that the bazaar is hopeless for the future due to the announced inflation data and the rise in foreign currency exchange rates. He also emphasized the necessity of developing commercial relations with Southern Cyprus and opening new gateways. Additionally, Uluçay stated that urgent work should be done for the transition to the Euro-based accounting system. Later, CTP Deputy Biray Hamzaoğulları took the podium to give a current speech on “The Problems in Education that remained insensitive in Mehmetçik, Büyükkonuk District.” However, he held a silent action during his speech as there was no government wing in the hall. The General Assembly concluded its meeting, and the next one will be on Monday, May 15.


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