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“Congo Disaster Escalates: Thousands Missing”

Floods in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s South Kivu province have caused a growing humanitarian crisis. The disaster, which occurred on May 4 in the Kalehe region, has so far claimed the lives of 430 people and left an estimated 5,255 missing. Residents of the villages of Nyamukubi and Bushushu have been the most affected by the floods.

Delphin Mbirimbi, a civil defense official for the Kalehe district, has called for help from non-governmental organizations, emphasizing the enormity of the situation. Although some aid has arrived from government authorities, it has been insufficient to meet the scale of the disaster. The damage from the floods is extensive, and there is also a risk of waterborne diseases spreading due to contaminated water resources.

Nsimire, who lost 60 members of her family in the disaster, is among those struggling to survive. In a statement, she said, “11 people died in our house. We stay with our neighbors, we have difficulty even finding food.” Rodriguez Lushisha also lost his parents in the floods and pleaded with the Congolese authorities for assistance.

The humanitarian crisis caused by the floods in the South Kivu province calls for immediate action from both national and international aid agencies. Urgent measures are needed to address the needs of those affected, including providing clean water, food, and medical attention. As the crisis continues to unfold, it is important to remember the thousands of people who have lost everything in this tragedy.


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