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Construction Contractor Found Murdered in His Home after Teams Enter House

Construction Contractor Found Dead in His Home in Kilis

Police in Kilis were alerted by relatives of Rıdvan Kaplan, a local construction contractor, on Friday, when they could not reach him. Upon investigating the situation, police found Kaplan’s body covered in blood at his home in Mehmet Sanlı Mahallesi. The medical teams determined that Kaplan had been stabbed six times in different parts of his body and had died prior to their arrival.

As of now, the authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident. Kaplan’s lifeless body has been taken to the morgue, and additional details about the case are yet to be disclosed.

Kilis, located in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, has suffered from security problems due to its close proximity to the war-torn country. Violence and conflicts in the region have intensified in recent years, which has led to additional police presence and security measures.

This incident has raised concerns among the local residents, and the police officials have called on people to be cautious and report any suspicious activities or behaviors in the area.


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