Construction of “20-Minute City” Project Set to Begin Next Month

Mongolia Government Proposes Legal Reform for “20-Minute City” Concept

The Government of Mongolia has put forward a comprehensive legal reform to introduce the “20-minute city” concept as part of the Urban and Rural Revival framework. This initiative aims to create sustainable and accessible communities where residents can access essential services and amenities within a 20-minute walk or bike ride from their homes.

As part of this ambitious project, the construction of 12,000 houses based on the Selbe sub-center will commence next month. Additionally, efforts are underway to clear 158 hectares of land in the Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar districts. So far, agreements have been reached with 1,250 families, with over 560 of them already receiving compensation for land evaluation. The valuation of 0.07 hectares of land has reached 204 million MNT, with some individuals using the compensation money to purchase apartments.

In a recent development, it has been announced that 1,000 families will receive their land clearing funds deposited directly into their accounts this week. Furthermore, new regulations stipulate that 60 percent of the total area of upcoming residential areas will be allocated for buildings, while 40 percent will be designated as green space.

The implementation of the “20-minute city” concept is a significant step towards creating vibrant and sustainable urban environments in Mongolia, and is expected to positively impact the lives of residents across the country.



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