Courts Amendment Law Proposal Referred to Parliament by BRTK

The Committee Approves Courts (Amendment) Law Proposal

The Administrative, Public, and Health Affairs Committee has approved the Courts (Amendment) Law Proposal and referred it to the Assembly of the Republic for further consideration.

During a meeting chaired by UBP Deputy Sunat Atun, the Committee discussed the Law Proposal submitted by various Deputies including UBP İskele Deputy Yasemi Öztürk and CTP Kyrenia Deputy Ongun Talat. The proposal was also supported by UBP Famagusta Deputy Oğuzhan Hasiboğlu, UBP Kyrenia Deputy Hasan Küçük, CTP Nicosia Deputy Ürün Solyalı, and Independent Famagusta Deputy Ayşegül Baybars.

Officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Personnel Department attended the meeting as guests and provided their insights on the proposed amendments.

The meeting was attended by Committee members including CTP Deputy Filiz Besim, CTP Deputy Devrim Barçın, UBP Deputy Ziya Öztürkler, and Ahmet Savaşan. CTP Deputy Ürün Solyalı also participated in the discussion.

The unanimously approved proposal will now be included in the General Assembly agenda for further deliberation. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the Courts (Amendment) Law Proposal as it makes its way through the legislative process.



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