Culture Department Produces Mother’s Day Video

The Culture Department of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment in Turkey has prepared a video to commemorate Mother’s Day. Titled “Poems from Our Lost Female Poets for Parents Who Lost Their Children and Children Who Lost Their Mothers on Mother’s Day,” the video is composed of poems recited by the Director of Culture Department and staff and is set to be released to the public tomorrow in memory of lost women poets. The video can be viewed on Genç TV and the Facebook page of the Department of Culture.

The video features a selection of poems from some of the country’s deceased female poets, including Necla Salih Suphi, Pembe Marmara, Selma Yusuf Saygın, Feride Hikmet, Urkiye Mine Balman, Ayça Özkan, Engin Gönül (Emine Otan), Filiz Naldöven, and Nice Denizoğlu. The Director of Culture Department, Şirin Zaimağaoğlu, and Culture Department personnel Ceyhan Özyıldız, Pervin Aremek, Bedia Kale, Tuncay Langal, Nurperi Özgener, Işıl Kalkan, Naciye Yorgancı, Leman Ünverdi, and Fatoş Yorgancı participated in the recitation of the poems. The video also features works by paper artists and painters from the country.

In her message for Mother’s Day, Director Şirin Zaimağaoğlu reminded everyone that “art heals” and emphasized the mission of the Department of Culture to reach out to all members of the society and allow art to be an interpreter of our experiences and feelings. Zaimağaoğlu supported the message given by the Champion Angels Survival Association that the best gift to be given to a mother this year is to keep the memory of the children who cannot hug their mothers alive and give strength to the mothers who cannot hug their children. They gave the title “Poems from Our Lost Female Poets for Children” to the video they prepared for Parents Who Lost Their Child and Those Who Lost Their Mothers on Mother’s Day.


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