Cyprus Turkish Nurses and Midwives Unions Visit Ambassador Feyzioğlu

Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia, Metin Feyzioğlu, recently met with the Cyprus Turkish Nurses and Midwives Union to express his gratitude for their service during the earthquake in Turkey. During the meeting, Feyzioğlu announced that health centers in need would be opened and founded within the framework of the 2023 Financial Protocol. He also emphasized the importance of solving problems together. The union members were acknowledged for their selfless service in Turkey during the natural disaster, and this visit serves as a significant gesture of appreciation by the Turkish government towards healthcare workers. The announcement of funding for necessary health centers highlights the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure and creating accessible and efficient healthcare systems. This news is an encouraging sign for healthcare workers and their dedication to providing aid, even outside their usual working environments. The promise of financial support and planned developments within healthcare infrastructure is a welcome step towards the provision of better healthcare services for all.


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