Daily Mirror apologizes to Prince Harry for false claims

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) has issued an apology to Prince Harry, the son of King Charles III of England, over allegations of wiretapping and illegally collecting private information published in the Daily Mirror. The apology was issued during Prince Harry’s trial against MGN in the High Court. Prince Harry’s lawyer, David Sherborne, argued that his client had been the target of illegal media activity since he was a child, and this had affected his relationship with Chelsy Davy, which ended due to the publications. Sherborne alleged that MGN engaged in illegal practices when reporting on the prince’s private life, causing chaos among the families and friends of those who were rumored to be romantically involved with him.

MGN’s lawyer, Andrew Green, admitted that his institution made some mistakes and apologized for all illegal information gathering, promising not to repeat such offenses. Piers Morgan, the editor of the Daily Mirror of the period, made a statement in response to the apology of his former institution, suggesting that Prince Harry should get out of court and apologize to his family for violating their privacy.

Apart from Daily Mirror, Prince Harry also filed a “violation of privacy” lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the owner of the Daily Mail, with Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, Elton John, and David Furnish also filing complaints against ANL. The plaintiffs allege that they suffered “grave breaches of privacy” as a result of “heinous criminal acts” committed by ANL that resulted in the misuse of their private information. Prince Harry previously sued The Mail On Sunday for libel and won in July 2022, while in the same case against The Sun for breach of privacy, Prince William of Wales was accused of taking a large amount of money from News Group Newspapers (NGN).


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