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Deadly Attack on Civilian Point in Rafah, Israel Leaves 11 Dead

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza leave 11 dead and 25 injured

Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli army warplanes carried out airstrikes on a location where civilians were present on Salahaddin Street in the east of Rafah city. Health sources confirmed that 11 people lost their lives in the attack, while 25 others were injured. The wounded were quickly transported to the European Hospital in Khan Yunus city for treatment.

This incident comes after the Israeli army issued a statement on May 6, calling for the evacuation of certain neighborhoods in Rafah, where forcibly displaced Palestinians had sought refuge. Subsequently, on the morning of May 7, the Israeli army launched a ground assault on the Rafah region in Gaza. They also announced that they had taken control of the Gaza side of the border gate with Egypt.

The situation in Gaza remains tense as civilians continue to suffer from the ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants. The international community has called for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further casualties and destruction in the region.



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