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Death toll rises as Israel continues attacks on Gaza

Israel continues air strikes on Gaza Strip while casualties increase

Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have been ongoing since yesterday, causing a rising number of civilian casualties. So far, 21 people, including six children, have been killed, and 64 people, including 21 children, have been injured in the attacks, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The Islamic Jihad Movement, which the Israeli government says was targeted by the attacks, claims that Egypt is mediating ceasefire talks between the parties. Egyptian media has reported that a ceasefire has been put into effect.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen confirmed receiving a ceasefire offer from Egypt and said that Israel is evaluating the offer. Despite any negotiations, an Israeli official stated that the ceasefire will only be judged by their actions on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces stated that as of 4 PM local time, 270 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. 205 of these hits the Israeli territory, while 62 rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome, an air defense system, and some of the others landed on empty fields. The IDF said they have targeted 53 locations of the Islamic Jihad Movement and destroyed 104 military assets.

The escalating conflict puts the Gaza Strip in danger of a humanitarian crisis, as hospitals are reporting shortage of medical supplies and fuels. The United Nations warns that the conflict could also cause the potential spread of COVID-19.


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