Deputies Reject Firing Akylbek Japarov’s Cabinet of Ministers

Kyrgyzstan Parliament Rejects Proposal for Cabinet Resignation

On May 10, 2023, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan did not approve the proposal made by the Butun Kyrgyzstan faction for the resignation of the current Cabinet of Ministers headed by Akylbek Japarov. This was after the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Structure, Judicial, Legal Issues, and Regulations of the Parliament rejected the faction’s initiative.

During the voting, only nine deputies supported the resignation of Akylbek Japarov, while 48 opposed it. This decision means that Japarov’s government will stay in power for the time being.

The Butun Kyrgyzstan faction’s proposal for the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers came amid growing frustration over the government’s handling of certain economic and social issues.

Despite the rejection of the proposal, some lawmakers voiced their concerns over Japarov’s leadership. They argue that the government has failed to address the country’s pressing issues, including rising inflation, unemployment, and corruption.

The rejection of the faction’s initiative also highlights the political divide in Kyrgyzstan, where multiple parties and factions are competing for power.

It remains to be seen if the Parliament will take further action against the government or if Japarov will hold onto his position until the end of his term.


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