“Disabled Solidarity Week: An Event by Foundations Administration and Association”

The Cyprus Foundations Administration and TRNC Disabled Solidarity Association joined forces to organize an event in celebration of the 10-16 May Disabled Week, held in the garden of Cyprus Foundations Administration. The event saw participants wearing T-shirts labeled “No Barriers to Sharing Life” and gifts exchanged between the Foundation Administration and the association’s members. The event was followed by a visit to the exhibition titled “National Struggle and Turkish Cypriots,” held at Bedesten with Evkaf’s contributions.

During the event, Ömer Suay, the President of the TRNC Solidarity Association for the Disabled, made a speech emphasizing that the week was not a celebration of disabilities but an opportunity to demonstrate the determination, success, struggle, and abilities of disabled people. Suay stated that the presence of disabled people in society was vital, and the Foundation Administration’s contributions to the community, from employment to education and healthcare, made it an essential value for the country.

After the event, the exhibition in Bedesten was visited, followed by a picnic to reinforce the day’s significance. Suay thanked Evkaf for its contributions while a speech was delivered by İbrahim Benter, the General Manager of Cyprus Foundations Administration. Benter praised the achievements of the Disabled Solidarity Association and Ömer Suay, stating that awareness needed to be raised when working with disabled people. He added that opportunities should be afforded to allow disabled people to realize their full potential, and their representation in schools and institutions should be enhanced.

The event provided an opportunity for disabled individuals to showcase their talents and abilities. It reiterated the fact that disability should never be a barrier to sharing life and realizing one’s full potential. It reinforced the importance of providing support, awareness, and opportunities to disabled people to attain a better quality of life.


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