Diyarbakır’s Children Engage in Dangerous Entertainment

Children in the Melikahmet District of Sur district in Diyarbakır, Turkey have been using an ornamental pool in the historical Anzele Park as a playground and swimming area, despite warning signs indicating that it is dangerous and prohibited. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the city, some children have been seen jumping from a height of about 3 meters into 1-meter-deep water, while others have been sunbathing on the concrete after swimming.

However, local resident Metin Sönmez has warned of the dangers of this activity, stating that there have been injuries with broken heads and various body parts. Sönmez claims that the pool is not secure and that children are swimming in dirt. He has called for proper precautions to be taken as accidents can happen otherwise.

In contrast, 16-year-old Mücahit Alaca seems unfazed by the danger, claiming that they are used to it and that the place is not dangerous. “We come here when the weather is hot,” said Alaca. “We both jump and swim. Let’s jump again if you want.”

While the children may see it as a fun way to cool off during hot weather, the use of the pool as a playground raises concerns about safety and the need for proper supervision. It is essential to take precautionary measures to prevent any accidents or injuries that may occur in such situations.


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