Early childhood malnutrition leads to long-term health problems, say experts

Over 1,700 pediatricians and physicians from all over Turkey attended the 58th Turkish Pediatrics Congress, which was organized by the Turkish Pediatrics Institution in TRNC between 9 and 13 May. The congress discussed issues related to child health and diseases, including the increasing frequency of nutritional disorders in children due to difficult economic conditions in the country. Experts highlighted the problems faced by pediatricians including violence and malpractice lawsuits, leading to a decrease in the number of pediatricians choosing pediatrics as a specialty. The lack of pediatricians has led to a decrease in the quality of service and has fueled violence in the health system. Experts also highlighted difficulties in accessing medications, including some drugs that have no equivalent and are imported from abroad. The congress called for an end to the marginalization of child health issues and for more support for pediatricians. The congress also emphasized the need to address the ongoing needs of victims of the recent earthquake in the country, especially children who have suffered limb loss and need prosthetic and physical therapy opportunities.


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