Economy Minister Holds Meeting with Leading Battery Companies in South Korea

Samsung SDI, one of the most important South Korean investors in Hungary, recently held talks with Hungarian officials to discuss potential cooperation in the battery industry. Minister Márton Nagy and a delegation from the Ministry for National Economy, along with Péter Kaderják, CEO of the Hungarian Battery Association, met with representatives of leading South Korean green energy and high-tech battery companies, including Samsung SDI, EcoPro BM, GS Energy, SungEel Hitech, and KH Energy.

The discussions focused on the international and European battery industry for electric transport, as well as the challenges and opportunities for South Korean-Hungarian economic cooperation. One key topic was battery processing, with a particular interest in learning from South Korean best practices in recycling. The Hungarian government aims to make battery recycling an essential part of the country’s green, circular economy.

Minister Nagy emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly battery treatment and efficient processing to utilize valuable raw materials effectively. The government’s strategic goal is to bridge Eastern and Western capital and technology in Hungary, with a focus on establishing the country as one of the world’s top five electric battery producers.

As electric vehicles continue to shape the future of transportation, Hungary is working towards enhancing its battery industry in collaboration with South Korea. The Hungarian-South Korean Economic Innovation Partnership Program (EIPP) is driving advancements in e-mobility and carbon-neutral transport, under the Ministry for National Economy’s coordination.

With three of the world’s top ten electric battery manufacturers based in South Korea, the cooperation between the two countries holds great potential for fostering innovation in the battery industry. Minister Nagy highlighted the importance of developing a European-level action plan for promoting electromobility during Hungary’s EU Presidency.

The government’s commitment to winning the future through sustainable solutions and technological advancements underscores the importance of collaboration between Hungary and South Korea in driving the transition towards green, energy-efficient economies.



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