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New regulations aimed at increasing building safety have been published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. The regulations include several changes, such as experience requirements for civil engineers, a short column ban on ground floors, and an earthquake-resistant curtain wall system requirement. Architect Dr. Nihat Şen shared some of the details of the arrangement, stating that in buildings that will be commercial on the ground floor, the height of the ground floor cannot exceed 4.5 meters, and mezzanine floors will be prohibited. Additionally, a curfew was introduced. In buildings to be constructed between five and seven floors, civil engineers who will make the static project of the building will have professional responsibility for three years.

The new regulations also require leaving a joint gap for both buildings from the parcel boundary in buildings constructed on parcels. Moreover, the regulations make it mandatory to create construction projects of at least 10,000 square meters in four different projects. If a building with 15 floors excluding the ground floor is to be built, the requirements include having seven years of work experience for civil engineers, a static solution of at least eight different projects, and a total of 20,000 square meters.

The recent changes in regulations come as a response to safety concerns following earthquakes and construction failures in the past. Minister Institution has also emphasized the importance of preserving safe structures in Istanbul and ensuring that risky structures are not left unaddressed. These new regulations, along with ongoing efforts, aim to improve the safety of buildings in Turkey and prevent future tragedies.



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