EGM to Expand Mobile Expression Kit App: Last Minute News from Turkey

Turkish Police Expand Project for On-Site Service

Turkey’s General Director of Security Mehmet Aktaş has requested increased implementation of the “Project for the On-Site Service,” according to a circular sent to 81 provincial police headquarters. Mobile kits will be made available to victims, complainants, and knowledgeable individuals, particularly the sick, elderly, and disabled, to testify without going to the police station.

The mobile statement taking kit includes a tablet and printer, enabling the collection of information without unnecessary travel. Data will be uploaded over the internet to POLNET, ensuring instant transmission.

By activating this new process, Turkish Police hope to make it easier and more accessible for all individuals to provide information without the need to leave their homes or workplaces. These mobile kits are one important way to modernize the police force and make it more efficient.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are practicing social distancing, and some are even under quarantine. This new project aims to make it safer and easier for these people to interact with law enforcement officials while keeping everyone healthy.

We hope this program will lead to a safer, healthier, and more efficient community for all Turkish citizens.


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