Election Day Restrictions: What’s Banned?

Alcohol Sales and Entertainment Venues Closed During Election Bans in Turkey

Turkey will implement election bans, which include prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages from 06:00 to 24:00 on the election day. It will also be forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in public places during this time. Entertainment venues will remain closed during the voting period, and only meals will be allowed in restaurants that are considered entertainment venues.

In addition to the ban on alcohol and entertainment venues, weddings can only be held after 18:00 on the election day, as long as the election rules are followed. Those in charge of maintaining security and order will be the only ones allowed to carry weapons.

Furthermore, radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs are not permitted to make news, predictions or comments on the election and election results until 18:00 on the election day. Only news and communiqués given by the YSK (Turkey’s Supreme Election Council) regarding the election are allowed to be broadcast between 18.00 and 21.00 on radios and all kinds of broadcasting organs.

All broadcasts will be released after 21:00 on election day, unless the YSK deems it necessary to release them before this time. These measures aim to ensure a fair and peaceful election process in the country.


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