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Electronic Signature Period Opens for Diploma Equivalency Documents

New Regulations for Recognition and Equivalence of Foreign Higher Education Diplomas in Turkey

The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) in Turkey has put into effect new regulations on the recognition and equivalence of foreign higher education diplomas. The amendment to the existing regulation aims to streamline the process and make it more efficient for applicants.

Under the new regulation, equivalence documents will be signed with a secure electronic signature, and applicants will be able to obtain their documents electronically with a verification code. This eliminates the need to stamp “Seen” on the previously applied diploma and transcript, which is the basis for examination.

In addition, the obligation to hand-deliver the graduation recognition or diploma equivalence certificate, together with the originals of the documents, to the applicant or the person holding official power of attorney issued by the competent authorities, will be eliminated for those candidates whose application is positive or negative. The documents of such applicants will be processed electronically.

For candidates whose issuance process has already begun, their documents will be written down physically and signed with a wet signature before the implementation of the new regulation.

The amendment is expected to make the recognition and equivalence process more efficient and faster for applicants. The form and content of the diploma equivalence certificate will continue to be determined by the Council of Higher Education. The new regulation is published in the Official Gazette.


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