“Enjoy the Sweet Ramadan Bustle in the 97th Episode of Mount Gönül”

Mount Gönül, the popular Turkish TV series, is set to release its 97th episode on TRT 1 screens on Saturday, May 13 at 20:00. Since the first episode, the show has been winning the hearts of viewers and breaking rating records every week.

The upcoming episode, titled “Uncleoğulları”, sees the construction of the informatics valley unexpectedly stopping, leaving the Uncle’s sons in a tough position. While their uncle is busy with construction and rocket development, someone comes to visit him, leaving the audience wondering what the answer of the uncle’s sons will be to the job offer.

Meanwhile, Asuman and Cemile’s Peking duck craving causes chaos for Ramazan and Veysel, who frantically search for the dish. The duo tries to find the Peking duck to satisfy their cravings, but the outcome remains uncertain.

Selami, frustrated with the producer’s insistence on Garip making music, clashes with him. While Selami is offended by the music, Keriman takes the strings. The audience is left wondering what Kerim will do.

Lastly, Rifat and Mihriban try a new treatment, and the plot thickens as they try to find ways to cover the costs of the treatment.

The 97th episode of Mount Gönül is highly anticipated by fans, who are waiting eagerly to find out what happens to their favorite characters. Catch the episode on TRT 1 on Saturday, May 13 at 20:00.


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