Enver Görkey elected as new president of CTP Youth Organization in Famagusta District Congress

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Youth Organization held its 23rd Ordinary Congress in Famagusta District, during which President Hasan Can Sermet handed over his duty to Enver Görkey. The congress began with the establishment of the council and proceeded with speeches and the approval of the annual report. Later, the candidate introduction and selection of the bodies were carried out. Attendees included CTP General Secretary Asım Akansoy, Famagusta District President Oktay Kayalp, deputies, EDON District Council Member Andreas Sambettas, VQA and PM members.

Akansoy, the Secretary General, stated that they were working towards becoming the party of youth and hope to address the negative conditions in the country that don’t contribute to the employment, scholarship, and peaceful life expectancy of the youth. He added that the CTP would continue its opposition task and focus on youth problems. Mevlit, Chairman of the CTP Youth Organization, argued that without the CTP, no problem, including the Cyprus problem, could be resolved. Görkey, who was elected as President, underlined that they were young people who felt the inflation and emphasized the need to reach the federal Cyprus. Kayalp, the CTP Famagusta District President, highlighted that the Youth Organization was critical to the party’s growth and development of cadres, while Sambettas, EDON Famagusta District Council Member, noted his pride in strengthening the relationship with the CTP Youth Organization Famagusta District.

Former President Sermet, who handed over his presidency at the congress to Görkey, said that he gained great experiences over three years that he couldn’t even acquire in the best school in the world. Additionally, the new District Board consists of Acelya Tekeli, Berke Cansoy, Berke Dağlı, Doğukan Özçelik, Hüseyin Alnar, Kemal Dilem, Laden Tekeli, and Zalihe Yaradanakul.


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