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Erbakan alleges conspiracy against İnce

Fatih Erbakan, the chairman of the Welfare Party, recently spoke on the TRT News broadcast and expressed concerns about a conspiracy behind Muharrem İnce’s withdrawal from the presidential race. In his statement, Erbakan criticized the alleged policy of conspiracy that some dark circles seem to be designing, and how it’s something he doesn’t approve of. Despite his concerns, however, Erbakan believes that İnce’s withdrawal won’t have a significant impact on the results of the election.

“I think a significant part of the electorate will not go to the polls, and I do not think that all those who do will vote for Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu. I think some of them will vote for our president,” Erbakan said in the TRT News broadcast.

Erbakan is also optimistic about the chances of the People’s Alliance winning in the first round of the presidential election. He believes that recent developments have been in favor of the President of the People’s Alliance and that the support has increased significantly. An indicator of this was the attendance of nearly 2 million people at the latest People’s Alliance rally.

As the presidential election approaches, various parties and candidates are working hard to increase their support and convince voters to vote for them. It remains to be seen whether Erbakan’s predictions will become a reality.



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