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“Erdogan addresses the nation”

President Erdogan Urges Ankara to Focus on Production to Ensure Turkey’s Future

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a meeting in Ankara where he thanked the residents of the city for their commitment to furthering Turkey’s progress. He praised the crowds that attended the great Ankara meeting held on April 30 in Başkent Nation’s Garden. He said that the nation’s message, as shown by the unprecedented crowds, was that our country will not be divided. Those who reach out to their gains, march with terrorist organizations, and pursue discrimination instead of working and serving the nation will not be forgiven.

Erdogan also mentioned that those who seek power through chaos, coup d’etat, and tutelage are afraid of the ballot box, and have already started working to make excuses for their losses. He called on the nation to stand united and vote in the upcoming election on May 14, stating that his administration is looking forward to overcoming the last obstacles and solving the problems on the path towards Turkey’s Century.

The president spoke about Ankara’s significance as the capital of Turkey and how it has been at the forefront of the country’s development in numerous fields. However, he also emphasized the need to focus on production in order to succeed in the future. Erdogan stated that a country’s wealth comes from production, and that Turkey has been kept away from production based on high technology for many years. He said that the country has been an agricultural one, but the yields have been barely enough to meet the nation’s bare minimum needs.

The President also highlighted that Turkey could not extract its mines or produce high-value-added products. Its industry could not switch to producing arm-power-based assembly units and its trade was not modern and could not be opened to the world. Erdogan said that Turkey needs to break this vicious circle and focus on growing the intellectual and physical production side of Ankara, adding that this is the path towards securing and unlocking Turkey’s full potential.

Overall, Erdogan’s message was of hope and unity for the Turkish nation, urging them to look to the future and prioritize production as the fundamental step for a prosperous future.


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