“Erdogan Urged to Speak at the Ballot Box by Last Minute Türkiye News”

President Erdogan Urges Turkish Citizens to Vote in Upcoming Elections

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently addressed his party’s Aydin rally, emphasizing the importance of the May 14 elections and urging Turkish citizens to vote in the upcoming elections.

During the rally, Erdogan made several statements, including one that put forth a stark choice between those who protect the family institution and those who promote LGBT. He also called on citizens to show their reaction at the ballot box and not to give any opportunities to those who try to provoke them for political gain.

In addition, Erdogan criticized the CHP, the main opposition party, and its national chief, stating that the May 27 coup was a rematch of May 14 and that the CHP was the screenwriter and main actor of the coup.

Erdogan also expressed gratitude to the record number of Turkish citizens living abroad who have expressed their will to vote despite attacks by the separatists. He ended his speech by calling on citizens to break the game again and not to surrender to any power.

The elections on May 14 will determine who will fight against terrorist organizations or walk arm in arm with FETO members. Erdogan stated that if his party wins the election, they will pay a thank you visit to the provinces that they could not visit after May 14. He added that the month of Ramadan would be reserved for earthquake victims and the provinces in the earthquake zone.

Erdogan’s speech highlights the importance of the upcoming election and the need for citizens to vote and show their reaction at the ballot box.


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