Erdogan vows to punish rent increasers after election

President Erdogan Vows to Tackle Inflation, Rising Housing, and Food Prices

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has addressed the issue of rising housing and food prices during a rally in Ankara. He said that the main problem is inflation, and that his administration is determined to address it. “We will go very differently against those who increase these rents after the election, let them know that,” he added.

Erdogan emphasized that the solution to the problem of rising prices is production, and that his administration will build more houses to bring prices down. He also spoke about strengthening the production side of Ankara and revitalizing high-industry production in Turkey.

In addition, Erdogan criticized opposition parties for making empty promises and reiterated his commitment to taking tough action against terrorism. “We will not lose this country to those who go hand in hand with terrorists. Their life, not their politics, is a lie,” he said.

Erdogan also spoke about his administration’s plans to implement a new constitution and make changes to existing laws. “As of May 14, we will implement all these,” he stated.

The President’s rally was held in Pursaklar, within the scope of Ankara district rallies. Erdogan’s remarks come as the country gears up for parliamentary and presidential elections on June 24th.


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