Erdogan’s Victory in First Round Hindered by Opposition.

Muharrem Ince, the presidential candidate and Chairman of the Country Party, held a press conference in Denizli. Ince emphasized that HDP and the CHP lists with former AK Party members are two determining factors in the upcoming election. He urged voters not to waste their votes and stated that the Homeland Party must be in the parliament. Ince also criticized the formation of CHP lists and accused the party of including the wrong people, especially Sadullah Ergin. Ince called on Kemalists and Republicans to support the Homeland Party as the insurance of Turkey. In his speech, he also addressed artists and journalists, urging them to refrain from speaking without knowing the field. Ince accused his opponents of spreading fake documents and vowed to sue them all. He also said that the opposition has not been able to defeat Erdogan for 21 years and called on voters to choose wisely. Ince ended his conference by visiting shopkeepers in Deliklicinar Square before leaving the city.


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