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Estimated New Salaries for Police and Public Employees After Lowest Salary Raise

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced during the Hak-İş General Assembly that the lowest civil servant salary will be adjusted to not be less than the lowest public worker salary. The new lowest salary for civil servants will be 22,000 liras. This means that public workers at the lowest pay grade, such as police officers, research assistants, and specialist doctors, will see a significant increase in their salaries.

In addition to the lowest civil servant salary increase, the lowest pension will also be increased to 7500 TL. Although inflation is not at the desired level, it has fallen considerably, and it’s predicted that in the first six months, inflation will be around 20 percent. The collective bargaining of public workers was interrupted due to the intervention of the earthquake disaster, but a record increase exceeding TÜRK-İŞ and HAK-İŞ demands was made for all public workers.

All employees expected an increase in their salaries at the same level, and the demands of all employees will be met. The lowest civil servant salary, which currently sits at 11,848 TL, will rise to the level of 22,000 liras. President Erdogan stated that there will be an increase in civil servants proportional to their public worker counterparts. The new salary arrangement is expected to result in an increase of 85 percent in the lowest salary level. However, it’s predicted that the gradual increase will mainly apply to those with the lowest salaries.

It’s thought that all salaries could be increased by 45 percent, and the base salary would be 22,000 TL in gross. It’s a record increase that exceeds the expectations of employees, and it’s predicted to be met with great satisfaction. The increase addresses the 20 percent inflation rate requirement alongside an increase in the share of social welfare. By giving a welfare-share increase of at least 25 percent, President Erdogan hopes to improve the welfare of all segments of society.


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