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Evidence Reveals Lovers’ Involvement in Murder Case

A man named Firas S. has been sentenced to an aggravated life sentence for murder and 17 years in prison for assisting his lover in the murder of expatriate businessman Cahit Tatlı. The incident occurred on October 2, 2021, in the Servetiye Mahallesi Soğuksu locality, where Tatlı was stabbed to death by the person he was arguing with at home. The attacker fled the scene in the businessman’s luxury jeep.

Following an investigation by the gendarmerie, it was found that Ceren İ., whom Tatlı had fallen in love with at the gym he went to for sports, was stabbed by his foreign lover Fıras S., and that Ceren İ. was involved in the incident with Fıras S. and Ali İ.C. All three suspects were arrested, with Ali İ.Ç. subsequently released after a period of detention.

At the hearing, Firas S. gave his defense, claiming that he did not go to the scene to murder Cahit and that the incident occurred due to Cahit’s attack on him. Ceren İ. stated that she was innocent and had no knowledge of the murder, while Ali İ.Ç. sought his acquittal. Cahit Tatlı’s daughters demanded that the defendants be punished in the most severe way.

The court handed Firas S. an aggravated life sentence for “murder by design,” 9 years for “qualified theft,” 4 years for “breaking into a house at night with a gun,” 9 months for “6136 Opposition,” and a fine of 2,000 TL. Ceren I. was sentenced to 17 years in prison for “aiding murder by design,” while Ali İ.Ç. was acquitted of all charges.

Justice has been served in this case, and it is a reminder that no matter the circumstances, taking someone’s life is never acceptable. It is essential to value human life and work towards resolving conflicts peacefully, rather than resorting to violence.



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