“Ex Officio Inquiry Launched Over Anti-Muharrem İnce Posts”

An investigation has been launched against posts made on social media regarding Turkish politician Muharrem İnce. The investigation is ex officio, which means it was initiated by a public authority rather than a private complaint. Details about the posts and the nature of the investigation are currently unknown.

Muharrem İnce is a Turkish politician and was the presidential candidate of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) in the 2018 presidential election. He has been known for his outspoken criticism of the current Turkish government and its policies.

It is not uncommon for Turkish authorities to investigate individuals or groups based on their social media activity. In recent years, Turkey has introduced new laws and regulations that give authorities greater control over the internet and social media. Critics argue that these measures limit freedom of expression and are used to silence dissenting voices.

Further details about this investigation will be reported as they become available.


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