Ex-Soldier Surrenders After Strangling Black Homeless Man in USA

Ex-US Marine Daniel Penny Surrenders After Strangling Homeless Man

Former US Marine Daniel Penny has surrendered to the police after strangling a homeless man, Jordan Neely, in a subway station in New York on May 1. Neely had been exhibiting aggressive behavior towards passengers when Penny intervened and killed him. Eyewitnesses stated that Neely did not attack anybody, and the incident has sparked outrage and protests across the city.

Penny was taken to a police station and then to Manhattan Criminal Court in handcuffs for his trial. His lawyer, Thomas Kenniff, argued that Penny acted in the interest of protecting himself and the other passengers at the time of the incident.

Military records show that Penny served four years in the US Navy and was discharged with the rank of sergeant in June 2021. The homeless man, Neely, was detained 42 times on charges such as not paying wages, stealing, and assaulting three women.

During Penny’s entrance to the police station, his lawyer made a brief statement to the press, stating that his client did not want to be harmed. He added that Penny acted with honesty, dignity, and displayed the qualities that characterize who he is and his honorable service. Penny is expected to appear in court shortly.


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