“Exciting Updates on Judgment Season 3 from Merdan, Laçin, and Rafet!”

The popular Turkish series, Judgment, has wrapped up its second season with a thrilling finale. The 63rd episode, which aired on Kanal D, left the audience eagerly waiting for the next season. Before the upcoming third season, the actors shared their thoughts and excitement for the future of the show.

Cezmi Baskin, who plays the character of Merdan, expressed his delight in working on the series. He thanked the production team for their support and hopes that the third season would receive the same positive feedback from the audience. “Hello everyone, love…” he concluded.

Nilgün Türksever, who portrays Laçin in the show, revealed her excitement for her character’s future. She hoped to bring more laughter and thrill to the audience in the upcoming season. She said, “I hope next season I will laugh more, and I will make you more nervous.”

Muttalip Müjdeci, who plays the character of Rafet in the series, expects the third season to reach new heights in regards to the ratings. He shared how much he enjoyed working on the project and received excellent feedback from his peers. He is confident that the audience will continue to appreciate the series’s storyline and character progression.

The third season of Judgment promises to bring more excitement, suspense, and action to its audience. With the actors sharing their anticipation and eagerness, viewers are eagerly waiting for the premiere of the new season. Fans will have to wait a little longer for its release, but they can rest assured that the third season will be worth the wait.


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