Ezgulik Chairman Urges Authorities to Address Imprisonment of Youths over Religious Song

Human rights activist Abdurakhmon Tashanov recently spoke out about the increasing number of people being imprisoned for simply saving or sharing a nasheed on their phone. Tashanov, who is the Chairman of the “Ezgulik” human rights society, called on the government to take the situation seriously and make legislative amendments.

Tashanov explained that during the first administration, the government’s image was associated with religious extremism and unfortunately, this dangerous trend is still evident today. The “Ezgulik” human rights society has received information about schoolchildren in the Uchtepa district of Tashkent being arrested on extremism charges, which has since escalated to long-term imprisonment of 19-20-year-olds.

According to Tashanov, the situation is constantly growing and there may be many more cases that have not been reported. It is crucial for big political institutions to work alongside human rights activists to bring about change in legislation.

The government must take this issue seriously and make necessary changes to ensure that innocent people are not being imprisoned for simply having a nasheed on their phone or sharing it with others. Legislation analysis and amendments are needed to ensure that human rights are being respected and protected.

Tashanov’s interview can be viewed in full at the provided link.


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