F-35 Shoes to be Discarded: TAI General Manager Speaks on CNN Turk

TAI General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil recently appeared on CNN Türk’s Desk program hosted by Fulya Kalfa to discuss Turkey’s defense industry moves. During the program, Kotil evaluated the current state of Turkey’s defense industry and highlighted some of the recent developments in the field.

Kotil noted that Turkey has made significant progress in recent years in terms of developing its own defense industry. He pointed out that the country has been working to reduce its reliance on foreign countries for defense equipment and technology, and has been investing heavily in the development of its own defense capabilities.

Kotil also discussed some of the challenges that Turkey has faced in developing its defense industry, including the need to balance investments in research and development with other priorities, such as addressing the country’s economic challenges.

Despite these challenges, Kotil remained optimistic about the future of Turkey’s defense industry. He highlighted the success that the country has had in developing its own drones and other military technologies, and pointed out that there are many talented engineers and scientists in Turkey who are working to further advance the country’s defense capabilities.

Overall, Kotil’s remarks underscored the importance of investing in Turkey’s defense industry in order to safeguard the country’s security and ensure its continued progress and development. As Turkey continues to make strides in this field, it will likely become an increasingly important player in the global defense industry.


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