“Far-Right and Anti-Semitic Attacks in Germany Rose by 15% in 2020”

A new report released by the far-right victim counseling centers VBRG has shed light on the alarming increase in far-right and anti-Semitic attacks in Germany. According to the report, approximately 2093 such attacks were recorded in 2022, meaning that 5 people in Germany are exposed to far-right attacks every day. The report also highlights the fact that 2871 people were affected by these attacks, 520 of whom were children.

VBRG President Robert Kusche warned that racist acts and violence have created a widespread atmosphere of fear and insecurity, particularly in eastern Germany. He also noted that the attacks had increased by 15 percent compared to the previous year. Kusche called on the Ministers of Justice and Interior to introduce new regulations to further strengthen the fight against racism in Germany.

The Berlin Anti-Discrimination Law Ombudsman, Dr. Doris Liebscher, criticized the authorities for not taking racist motives into account when investigating such attacks. She also pointed out that there are not enough anti-racism officers in the police and judiciary.

Sultana Sediqi, the President of the Youth Without Borders Association, expressed her concerns about the impact of such attacks on children and families. She said that racist attacks against children and youth have doubled in a year and that families often feel abandoned by the rule of law institutions.

The report highlights the urgent need for stronger action against far-right and anti-Semitic violence in Germany. It also calls for greater awareness and sensitivity among the authorities in dealing with such incidents. The fact that children are increasingly becoming targets of such attacks is particularly worrying and needs to be addressed urgently.


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