“Fenerbahçe fails to win trophy with 46 foreign players in 5 seasons”

Fenerbahçe Retains Only Three Foreign Players for the Upcoming Season

Fenerbahçe football club has announced that only Valencia, Osayi-Samuel, and Szalai out of 13 foreign players transferred in the 2020-21 season, will remain in the current squad. The club transferred seven foreign players last season but could not get the desired performance from them, except for South Korean defender Kim Min-Jae, who has been sold to Napoli for a whopping 18 million euros transfer fee.

The latest decision by Fenerbahçe indicates that the football club is looking to build a golden squad with Turkish talent. The move may prove to be beneficial in the long run, especially if the Turkish players live up to their potential. However, the club is taking a considerable risk as they are reducing the number of experienced foreign players in the squad.

Fenerbahçe had a relatively unsuccessful season last year, as they finished sixth in the Turkish Super League, missing out on any European competition spots. Their star player, Mesut Özil, who was signed as a free agent mid-season, failed to impress as much as the club and fans had hoped. Moreover, the club could not get the desired performances from their foreign recruits, except Kim Min-Jae.

The club now aims to rely on their Turkish talent along with the few experienced foreign players they have left in their squads. This approach may enable the team to build a stronger bond, create a unique football style, and perform better in the Turkish Super League this season.

Only time will tell if Fenerbahçe’s decision to reduce the number of foreign players will prove to be successful. Fans will eagerly wait to see how the club performs in the upcoming season.


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