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“Fenerbahce Secures Advantage with Derby Win”

Fenerbahce Petrol Ofisi gained an advantage in the first match of the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League semi-finals by defeating Galatasaray Petrol Ofisi 2-0. The yellow-dark blue team, including Göknur Güleryüz, Busem Şeker, Nina, Yaşam Göksu, Ecem Cumert, Fatma Kara Şahinbaş, Cansu Gürel, Coleman, Marcano, Alice, and Kennya, took the lead with Marcano’s goal in the 2nd minute of the match. Alice’s goal in the 62nd minute increased their lead to 2. The second match of the match will be played on Saturday, May 20, at 12:00 in Florya Metin Oktay Facilities.

Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi’s coach, Serhat Deniz, believes that they will be champions. He said, “The win is important, but it’s not over, there is one more game. We have the advantage and we want to be the side that made the best of the round by playing in that match. I would like to thank all our players who struggled, played or did not play this match. I hope we will be the side that won the cup this year.” Deniz explained that after they started to work, they instilled a winning spirit in the players.

Cansu Kara, one of the players, said, “It was very important to close the first match with a victory. I am very happy for that. We have one more match in Florya. We will reach the final by winning. We do not know who we will face in the final, but our goal is the championship, and we will be champions.”

Deniz also talked about the importance of the interest of professional clubs in women’s football. He said, “The interest of professional clubs in women’s football will take this place much further in the coming years. We may seem backward compared to abroad, but it is short. I think we will close this gap in a short time.”

Fenerbahce Petrol Ofisi is hoping to win the Turkcell Women’s Football Super League by winning the second match against Galatasaray Petrol Ofisi. They believe that they have the advantage and are determined to be champions.


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