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Fenerbahçe Struggles with Foreign Transfers in Current Squad

Turkish football club Fenerbahçe has faced a challenging season in terms of foreign transfers. Out of the 13 foreign transfers made in the 2020-21 season, only three players remain in the current squad: Valencia, Osayi-Samuel, and Szalai.

Last season, Fenerbahçe brought in seven foreign players but failed to see the expected performance from them, aside from South Korean defender Kim Min-Jae. The club sold Kim Min-Jae to Napoli for a transfer fee of 18 million euros.

Fenerbahçe is not the only Turkish club struggling with foreign transfers. Other clubs have also faced difficulties, including Galatasaray and Beşiktaş.

This struggle with foreign transfers poses a significant problem for Turkish football clubs. The clubs spend significant sums of money on these transfers, but if the players do not perform well, the investment becomes essentially worthless.

Fenerbahçe will need to re-evaluate their strategies when it comes to foreign transfers if they hope to achieve success in the future. No matter how much money they spend, if the players cannot deliver on the pitch, the club will continue to struggle.


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