Flamingos inhabit Lake Eber

Eber Lake Attracts Bird Watchers with the Arrival of Flamingos

Eber Lake in the western province of Afyonkarahisar, Turkey, has been attracting an increasing number of bird watchers in recent years. The lake, which is known for its natural beauty and diverse bird species, has become even more popular with the arrival of flamingos.

Kadir Ateş, a local guide who organizes bird watching tours at Eber Lake, stated that the area has become more active with flamingos, which are considered the symbol of spring. He also added that photographers prefer this place because of its beautiful view, and that the lake has become a perfect spot for bird watching.

The lake, which covers an area of 650 hectares, contains nearly 150 bird species. Some of the most common birds found in the area include pelicans, herons, cormorants, and swans. In addition, the lake is an ideal habitat for migratory birds who pass through on their way to warmer climates.

The recent surge in flamingos has been a surprise for the locals, as the birds were not commonly seen in the region before. However, the increase in their population is believed to be the result of environmental changes and the improved conditions around the lake.

Thanks to the growing popularity of Eber Lake among bird watchers, the local authorities have taken steps to protect the lake and its bird species. In recent years, special viewing platforms and walking trails have been constructed to make the lake more accessible to visitors.

Overall, the increase in bird species at Eber Lake, especially the flamingos, has made it an ideal destination for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts in Turkey. With its natural beauty, diverse bird population and improved tourist infrastructure, Eber Lake looks set to continue its growth as a popular bird watching destination for years to come.


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