Forecast: Air Temperature to Reach 44 Degrees

The weather is set to get even hotter in the coming days, with temperatures expected to rise by 3-4 degrees, reaching up to 44 degrees. The Meteorology Department has issued a weather forecast for the period of 11-17 June, predicting that the highest temperatures will be around 37-40 degrees in inland areas and 30-33 degrees on the coasts tomorrow. As the days progress, these temperatures are set to increase to 41-44 degrees inland and 34-37 degrees on the beaches.

In addition to the rising temperatures, the wind is expected to be moderately strong from the south and west, with occasional strong gusts on Sunday. It is important for residents to stay hydrated, seek shade, and take precautions to avoid heatstroke during this heatwave.

Stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and follow any advisories from local authorities to stay safe during this period of extreme heat.


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