Forestry Department Director Urges Public to Remain Vigilant Against Fires.

Forestry Department increases forest fire prevention measures for summer

As summer approaches, Turkey’s Forestry Department has ramped up its efforts to prevent forest fires. The department’s director, Salih Güneş, recently visited BRT Famagusta Office to discuss their preparations and called on the public to be cautious of fires.

Güneş stated that his team of 125 firefighters is ready to respond 24/7 at ten different locations to any possible fires. He noted that the team is composed of seasonal workers, and that the department needs more qualified personnel in firefighting. To address this need, the department will recruit a team of 24 people.

The forestry department’s director reminded the public that it is prohibited to make fires in forested areas between April 1 and October 31. Those who violate this prohibition face ten minimum wages or up to five years in prison, and those who cause a fire exceeding one hectare face up to 100 minimum wages or wages or up to 15 years in prison.

Güneş urged picnickers to use designated areas for picnics, and to ensure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving. He emphasized the importance of not polluting nature.

Furthermore, the department encourages citizens engaged in agriculture to avoid burning stubble in villages, and municipalities to clean dry grass on the side of the roads. Pruning the trees under electric wires is also an important precaution against fires.

In conclusion, the Forestry Department calls for the public’s cooperation to prevent forest fires during the summer season.


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