“Free Travel in Budapest: Start Exploring Today!”

Budapest’s Transport Company, BKV is inviting passengers to take a free test ride on an electric bus this week. The bus will run on the 15 and 154 bus lines from Wednesday to Sunday. BKV is seeking the passengers’ opinions and experiences during the test run. The Isuzu test bus will run on line 15 from Wednesday to Friday and line 154 on Saturday and Sunday. The 100-seat bus has a unique interior and exterior colour scheme and has a three-door and low-floor layout. Passengers are requested to send their feedback about the number and position of seats, the size of the aisle between seats, the amount of handholds, the grip options, the comfort of the journey, and the appearance and aesthetics of the vehicle through email. There is no charge to ride the test vehicle. The aim of the test run is to assess the possibilities of using electric buses in public transport services in Budapest in the future.


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