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From Corporate America to Farming in Burdur: Bracing for Tougher Times Ahead

Drought Threatens Burdur: Dr. Ece Aynur Onur Warns of Dangerous Levels

Dr. Ece Aynur Onur, a former academic who has been practicing dry farming in Burdur for the past 4 years, has raised concerns about the escalating threat of drought in the city. She emphasized that the upcoming months of July and August will bring even tougher challenges for Burdur, attributing the dryness to three main factors.

The uncontrolled water usage by marble quarries, illegal drilling activities, and improper irrigation practices in agriculture are the primary causes of the dry conditions in Burdur, according to Dr. Onur. She highlighted the excessive water consumption by marble quarries without any monitoring, the depletion of lakes due to illegal drilling, and the wasteful usage of water in agriculture, particularly in growing water-intensive crops like corn and alfalfa.

Dr. Onur stressed the urgent need for action to address these issues in order to prevent further water scarcity in Burdur. She suggested implementing stricter regulations on water usage, cracking down on illegal drilling activities, and promoting more sustainable farming practices that conserve water.

Furthermore, Dr. Onur emphasized the importance of transitioning to dry farming methods that focus on cultivating drought-resistant plants and high-value crops. She believes that this shift in agricultural practices will not only help mitigate the impacts of drought but also offer economic opportunities for the city.

As Burdur faces the looming threat of water scarcity, Dr. Ece Aynur Onur’s dry farming project stands as a promising solution to combat drought and ensure a sustainable future for the city.



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