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Gaza Homes Destroyed by Israeli Warplanes

The Israeli Army’s Attacks on Gaza Continue for 5th Day

The Gaza Strip is experiencing a violent attack from Israeli forces for the past five days. Reports from local sources reveal that the Israeli army launched an attack on the house of Faraj Abu Banat in the city of Beit Lahya, northern Gaza Strip and the house of the Zaanin family in the Beit Hanoun area. The extent of damage caused by the Israeli attack has not been fully established as yet, however, it was confirmed that surrounding houses have been severely damaged.

So far, no details have surfaced regarding deaths and injuries caused by the airstrikes by the Israeli army. In their statement, the army claimed responsibility for hitting targets of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement. On the other hand, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced that 33 people were killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza Strip, on Tuesday.

The intense situation in the Gaza Strip is increasing with each passing day, with no signs of de-escalation. The world community is strongly condemning the violent attacks on civilians and demanding an immediate ceasefire between both parties. The United Nations and other humanitarian agencies have already appealed for peace and urged Israel to protect civilians’ lives and respect international human rights laws and principles.

Further developments are awaited on the situation in the Gaza Strip, and the world community hopes for a peaceful end to the attacks.


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