“German investigation raises concerns about USA’s rating”

The United States economy is facing a crisis due to inflation and recession, which has led to a potential decrease in the country’s credit rating. A Germany-based credit rating agency, Scope Ratings, has begun to examine the US’s rating for a possible reduction. Despite traditional methods such as raising interest rates, the US has been unable to control inflation, which is hindering economic growth. The growing deficit in the country’s budget and the debt ceiling crisis are some of the challenges that have negatively impacted its credit rating. Scope Ratings listed the risks to the economic and banking system, along with the high debt stock, and slow population growth, as factors affecting the rating. The agency believes that if these challenges continue to increase, the country’s credit rating may decrease, though they also noted that measures taken to prevent a technical default and eliminate the debt limit ceiling problems would allow for the maintenance of its AA rating. These developments are especially significant since the United States is one of the largest economies in the world and plays a crucial role in the global economy.


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