Germany sets retirement date for Tiger helicopters

Germany to Phase out Tiger Attack Helicopters by 2038

Germany has announced plans to phase out the Tiger attack helicopters by 2038 and replace them with the H145M Light Attack Helicopter. In a statement made by the German Ministry of Defense, the fleet of Tiger helicopters will be gradually replaced by H145M light military helicopters produced by Airbus over time.

Germany withdrew from a multinational program for the modernization of helicopters years ago, while France and Spain continued to participate in the program in 2022. Technical problems had prevented the Tiger from being used in operations, and the MkIII program for modernizing the helicopter was deemed too risky in terms of cost and timely implementation.

Currently, the German Army has 51 Tiger Attack Helicopters in its inventory. The ministry plans to purchase H145M light military helicopters to fulfill its commitments to NATO, but did not disclose the number and cost. The deal is expected to be submitted to parliament’s budget committee for approval by the end of the year.

The H145Ms have a lower ammunition and electronic system capacity compared to the Tiger helicopter, leading to questions about how they will take the place of Tiger helicopters.

The retirement of the Tiger attack helicopters is part of Germany’s efforts to modernize its military with more advanced systems and capabilities.


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