“Get to Know the Candidates: AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and Green Left Party Cankiri MPs for the 28th Term Election”

The Çankırı parliamentary candidates for the 2023 elections have been announced by various political parties. Çankırı is one of the provinces that will elect more than one deputy due to its population of over 210,000. The districts that will affect the election results in Çankırı are Çankırı (city centre), Atkaracalar, Bayramören, Çerkeş, Eldivan, Ilgaz, Kızılırmak, Korgun, Kurşunlu, Orta, Şabanözü, and Yapraklı.

Political parties have brought forward candidates with various educational backgrounds and professions in order to secure a victory. The National Party has put forward Jesus Virtue, a medium business person and Kadir Calikan, a higher educator. The Party of Rights and Freedoms brought forward Gülsidar Basut, a high free/special education major and Ronay Guardian, a first worker. The Communist Party of Turkey nominated Nahide Özkan, a high worker and Arif Ender İvgen, a middle craftsman, while the Communist Movement in Turkey nominated Ceren Soner, a high student, and a medium retired individual with two rights.

The Youth Party has nominated Belgın Koçoğlu, a high self-employed citizen, and Hasan Koçoğlu, an intermediate self-vocation person. The Great Unity Party put Aybars Sentürk, a medium businessman and Yasemin Bagdu, a higher teacher, forward as candidates. Meanwhile, the Justice and Development Party has nominated Muhammet Emin Akbasoğlu, a high lawyer and Salim Çivitcioğlu, a master of agricultural engineering.

The People’s Liberation Party has nominated Mehmet Oflaz, a high journalist, and Alev Yildirim, a middle house woman. The National Road Party nominated Mustafa Yakar, a middle free profession and Şuayip Öğütcü, a high business person while the Vatan Party has nominated Hakan Celik, a middle worker, and Muslim Caferoglu, a first worker.

Lastly, the Good Party nominated Mehmet Ali Karamemis, a high businessman and a high banker near Oya. The Justice Party put forward Ebru Yalçınkaya Orta, a tourism expert, and Özcan Değirmenci, a medium free person. The Victory Party has nominated Turgut Özkan, a high businessman, and Osman Caliskan, a master engineer.

Çankırı residents will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates during the upcoming elections, and the results will determine which political party will represent them in parliament.


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