Get to Know the Karabuk Parliamentary Candidates for 2023: AKP, CHP, MHP, IYI, and Green Left Party Compete for 28th Term MP Seat

Karabük Parliamentary Candidates 2023: Who are They?

As the 2023 parliamentary elections draw near, voters in Karabük are starting to search for the candidates of the parties they plan to vote for. The competition between parties is expected to be highest in areas with high populations, and political parties are bringing forward strong candidates to secure the deputy positions in these regions. Here are all the details about Karabük’s parliamentary candidates.

Karabük is divided into six districts that will greatly affect the election results: Merkez, Eskipazar, Ovacık, Eflani, Safranbolu, and Yenice. Karabük, with a population of over 250,000, is one of the provinces that will be represented by the most deputies in parliament. In the 2023 parliamentary elections, Karabük will have three deputies to represent them.

The following is a list of candidates from various parties running in Karabük:

National Party:
1. Ramazan Guler – Intermediate Technician
2. Cevriye Göktekin – First Free
3. Emine Erdem – First Free

Party of Rights and Freedoms:
1. Shakire Sterk – Middle Worker
2. Doğan Guler – Middle Worker
3. Muhammet Dağlı – Medium Worker

Communist Party of Türkiye:
1. Cem Taylan Erden – Highly Expert Physician
2. Mehmet Özbağcı – Highly Unemployed
3. Aysel Aydoğdu Day – High Accounting Worker

Communist Movement in Türkiye:
1. Selin Aksoy Duru – High Lawyer
2. Erdinç Eker – Middle Worker
3. Şevval Daşdemir – Secondary Student

Left Party:
1. Ahmet Cetin – Highly Retired
2. Ayşegül Sarı Terzi – Highly Retired
3. Burhan Kelez – Highly Retired

Youth Party:
1. Resul Ulupinar – Medium Self Vocation
2. Muhammet Çakir – Middle-Free Professional
3. Nesrin Koymat – Middle-Free Professional

National Party:
1. Muharrem Uğur Ünsal – Medium Free
2. Özlem Ünal – High Free
3. Baris Aydemir – High Free

Great Unity Party:
1. Halil Yildirim – Central Management
2. Fatih Keles – Medium Craftsmanship
3. Alparslan Güngör Skopje – Secondary Student

Justice and Development Party:
1. Cem Şahin – High Lawyer
2. Durmus Ali Keskin – High Deputy General Manager-Public
3. Hüseyin Gundogdu – Master Chemical Engineer

Party for Rewell:
1. İsmail Özer – High Client
2. Mevlüt Başdemir – First Trades
3. Nesrin Adakoglu – First Housewife

Nationalist Movement Party:
1. Ahmet Dönmez – Medium Business Person
2. Murat Orhan – Medium Business Person
3. Dilek Ünver – High Lawyer

Greens and the Left Future Party:
1. İbrahim Eker – Medium Free
2. Ezgi Çadırcı – Medium Free
3. Efkan Daskaya – Medium Free

Worker’s Party of Türkiye:
1. Day Fulya Uz – High Business Development Manager
2. Desire Amplitude – High House Women
3. Özüm Hanci – High Lawyer

Justice Unity Party:
1. Ekrem Karaslan – Medium Free
2. Berrin Gunaydin – Middle Free
3. Yuksel Good Morning – First Free

Homeland Party:
1. Aykut Kasap – Central National Athlete
2. Sevilay Caglayan – Middle Housewife
3. Dilek Yildirim – Middle Housewife

Innovation Party:
1. Omer Selcuk – High Economics
2. Kübra Kuşhan – High Architect
3. Sabri Malkoç – First Free Professional

People’s Liberation Party:
1. Fadime Özer – Middle Retired
2. İzzet Kardaş – Middle Worker
3. Ramazan Bağci – First Worker

National Road Party:
1. Uğur Aydin – Medium Business Person
2. Angel Tuncer – Middle Housewife
3. Anil Turan Savas – High Executive

Vatan Party:
1. Mehmet Pençek – Middle Retired Officer
2. Kaan Arslan – High Journalist
3. Seher Yeşildağ – High Pharmaceuticals

Power Union Party:
1. Ramadan Turan – First Business Person
2. Süleyman Tunçer – First Business Person
3. Gul Asya Yildirim – Medium Business Person

Republic People’s Party:
1. Cevdet Akay – High Businessman Manager
2. Abdullah Çakir – Highly Retired Electrical Technician
3. Bayram Montenegro – Medium Heavy Industry Worker

Good Party:
1. Kübra Dursun – High Psychologist
2. Ozan Canyurt – Higher Executive
3. Gökçe Özdemir – High Business Women

Justice Party:
1. Muhammet Almatepe – First Free
2. Dollar My Country – First Free
3. Muhammet Awaken – High Free

Victory Party:
1. Ilhan Alpboğa – Medium Journalist
2. Yasemin Odabaşı – Highly Free Professional
3. Furkan Sarioğlu – High Free

These are the candidates who will be running in Karabük for the 2023 parliamentary elections. It is up to the voters of Karabük to decide who will represent them in their government.


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