Global Reach: Where Kazakh IT Specialists Offer Services

Kazakhstan’s IT services industry continues to show impressive growth, reaching a volume of 1.4 trillion tenge (US$2.9 billion) in 2023. This marks a 46.4% increase in value compared to the previous year, according to the Energyprom analytical website.

Among the various types of IT services, software development was the top performer, accounting for 383.9 billion tenge (US$798.9 million) or a 49% annual increase. Following closely behind are application hosting services and associated activities at 229.1 billion tenge (US$476.8 million), software support at 167 billion tenge (US$347.5 million), and consulting and practical information technology services, among others.

Notably, Kazakhstan also provided IT services to non-residents, with the United States being the largest recipient at 60.6 billion tenge (US$126.1 million), marking a 91.6% increase from the previous year. Russia followed as the second largest recipient with 42.8 billion tenge (US$89 million), experiencing a 4.2-fold annual growth. The United Kingdom ranked third, receiving IT services worth 34.4 billion tenge (US$71.6 million), a 2.9 times increase from the previous year.

This significant growth in Kazakhstan’s IT services industry highlights the country’s increasing role in the global tech market, with continued expansion and opportunities for development in the sector.



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