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Gmail’s AI can now write your emails in the new era

Google is set to launch a new feature called Help Me Write, which will automatically create mundane emails for users. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced this new feature at an event on Wednesday. Help Me Write is programmed to automatically generate messages for Gmail, text messages, and other Google apps. With over 1.8 billion active users on Gmail, Help Me Write has the potential to significantly change the way the world communicates via email.

The Help Me Write feature is an expansion of the Smart Reply feature that was introduced in 2017 and the Smart Typing feature that was introduced in 2018. While these features offer basic automatic replies and suggestions as you type, Help Me Write goes further by creating a complete email from a simple prompt. Users can edit the email or send it as it is.

The Help Me Write feature has been tested by Google Docs and Gmail beta testers since March. Another group of testers will begin using AI assistants for Google Sheets and Google Slides in June. There is no exact timeline for when the feature will be available, but Pichai stated that it will be officially launched for Google users with an update to Google Workspace.

This new feature has the potential to change the way people use email, making it more convenient and less time-consuming to create mundane emails. Users can focus on more important tasks while the AI technology creates the emails for them.


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