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“Greece Adds Two M-346 Planes from Israel to Their Fleet”

Greek Air Force Receives Two Israeli M-346 Jets

The Greek Air Force has taken delivery of two M-346 advanced jet trainer aircraft from Israel. The planes landed at the Kalamata Air Base, where they will be deployed. According to the $1.65 billion defense agreement signed between Greece and Israel earlier this year, Israel will be responsible for training Greek Air Force pilots. In addition, the Greek Air Force will procure a fleet of 10 M-346s, and a flight school will be established by Elbit Systems, the Israeli defense industry company.

The 22-year agreement signed between Greece and Israel is the largest defense procurement agreement between the two countries to date. In a written statement, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, “This cooperation agreement is based on the strong and longstanding relations between Israel and Greek defense organizations.”

The Greek Air Force has shared images of the new planes in the air and landing at the Kalamata Air Base on their social media accounts. The M-346s are expected to significantly enhance the capabilities of the Greek Air Force, as they are designed to operate as combat jets in addition to being advanced trainers.

The procurement of the M-346s is part of the Greek government’s efforts to modernize its military and enhance its defense capabilities. The deal with Israel is seen as an expression of the close defense ties between the two countries and a step towards further strengthening their strategic partnership.


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